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››  Researching Companies

We provide our Client with up to date and accurate information from pre-specified target companies for pre-specified position titles as follows:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email address (if possible)
››  Name Generation Services

Name generation / sourcing solutions specializes in providing passive candidates directly sourced from targeted companies. These contacts are sourced using phone name generation techniques. Name Generation with candidate’s information like First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Department, Email Address, Direct Numbers etc.

››  Candidate Sourcing Services

Pre-qualify the candidates . Our recruiter/researcher works with you in your local time zone. Ultimately, we only forward you resumes of qualified candidates who have shown interest in the target positions.

››  Talent Relationship Management

Talent Relationship Management is a continuous process (finding, attracting & retaining) that delivers the optimal workforce for your business. We view the talent acquistion process as an ongoing strategic initiative with each client. Similar to customer relationship management, the goal of talent relationship management is to create and sustain long-term relationships with target audiences in order to create significant value for both parties.

China RPO has a recruitment communication platform to help you attract, engaging and convert the right job seekers into applicants and hires. The platform provides : Career Site Solutions, Job marketing & distribution, New Technology (blogs, video, social networks) - to get the best recruiting results.

››  Resume Screening Services

In response to job advertisements, recruiters/HRD often receive a huge number of resumes to work on. Our specialist researcher with definite sector experience will read each resume to assess relevance to the job specification, saving you precious time and endowing your company its precise requirements. We organize candidate’s resumes in relation to key criteria and rank them in order of merit through online application forms, questionnaires and tests. Furthermore, we phone screen the candidates and only present pre - screened and available candidates to our clients.

››  Job Boards Posting

We provide job-posting service to save your time and improve productivity. Jobs are posted manually. You free up valuable time so that you can focus your efforts on recruiting functions. You provide us with all the basic information, job title, geographic location, skills required, job type, job reference number and description. We will post your job requirements on job boards where you have subscribed or free job boards and user groups, and your corporate website where ever you specify.

››  Web Technology Development

We offer a variety of services using an offshore approach focusing on human capital management.
  • Web Design
  • Software Development
  • Web Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Application Development
  • Website Maintenance
››  Contract Recruiter Solutions

A Contract Recruiter will change the way you do business.

A Contract Recruiter is a smart alternative to a contingency recruiter. We provides highly specialized Contract Recruiters to supplement your existing staffing function. Using an transitory Recruiting approach, we help your organization implement a cost effective program that lowers your cost-per-hire, minimize the impact of employee turnover, and positions a foundation to build an effective employee retention program.

››  Data Processing Services

One stop solution for cost-effective and high quality data entry, online data entry, data Processing, catalog processing and image processing services.

Our Data Entry Process: We always start with a service plan for your specific data entry projects and form logical processing requirements. Our approach to data entry is unique and the technologies we use enable us to deliver the highest levels of data quality, accuracy, and fast turnaround time.

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